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The Brain Machine is your one stop shop for all of your audio needs.    Recording, Mixing & Mastering!
Pricing depends on the project, so contact us HERE to discuss your project today!


Recording your music has never been this much fun!  At The Brain Machine, we pride ourselves on helping you capture your sound!   We use only the best!  An amazing 48 Channel Allen & Heath  recording console linked to a Cubase12 based DAW featuring Waves Platinum VST FX, as well as  classic analogue reverbs and delay, microphones from Neuman, Cascade, AKG, Sennheizer, Shure and Audix help round out our commitment to quality.

Already tracked your songs at home, but got a little lost on the way?   OUTLOUD can help you take your mix to the next level!   We record and mix all of our projects using Steinberg's Nuendo platform, but we can import nearly any project from Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Logic or any other digital program your project was recorded on.

You've completed your masterpeice, your mix is perfect, but it just doesn't have that PUNCH you want on the track?  
Don't live close by?  No Problem! No matter where you live, we can master your tracks online!  It's quick, its easy, and it will make your tracks POP!  


Contact us HERE for full details on our online mastering process.

We can help you make you project sound awesome!  Lets Talk.​

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